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Lighting Design

We pick & combine only what’s right for you.

A 3D design plan is utilised to show you what the final installed lighting solution will look like, including the lux levels and light spread that will be reached on scene.
Tecnolight can create complete lighting scheme video designs. This provides a real-life look into how the installation will operate – from all angles – by providing a 3D walk-through.
Illuminance sequencing of the intensity and distribution of the light output across the site can also be supplied in a simulated colour perspective for 2D and 3D lighting plans. This is used to demonstrate that the space has been uniformly lit, which is critical for providing the highest level of safety and security.

For maximum efficiency and minimal expenditure, Tecnolight has precisely targeted only the quantity of light required on the scene. The specific aiming point of each LED panel, the degree of elevation, and the exact position of each luminaire can all be seen by plotting the beam direction.

Individual light fittings are plotted onto your site plan using a 2D lighting scheme. It shows the lighting’s direction and distribution, as well as detailed lux levels within distinct areas, using contour lines. This design outlines how Tecnolight will accomplish the intended result and can be used as a reference during the installation process.

Custom Built Product

We create with care and professionalism.

Sectors We Serve

Tecnolight manufactures high-quality LED lighting for a wide range of applications.


Any mood, any style - pure extravagance! Luxury lighting designs and opulent products: any mood, any style - pure opulence!


Tecnolight provides excellent solutions for offices, malls, exhibition spaces, and retail outlets of all kinds, maximising both quality and value.

Hotels, Entertainment, and tourism

We help your brand make a fantastic first impression with elegantly designed and gorgeous lighting for hotels, villa developments, and compounds.


Reliable. Durable. Excellent value for money. Whatever the situation, we can provide you with the best industrial LED lighting services.

Hubs of Transportation

Whether it's by air, train, road, or sea, Tecnolight goes above and beyond in terms of capabilities, reliability, quality, and value.

Lighting for the Streets

Tecnolight illuminates the UAE's streets, public spaces, and utilities.

Seasonal and Decorative Lighting

For special events, magical lights and effects are used.

Lux Level Calculation

Improve Efficiency, Production, & Safety

Generating the appropriate quantity of light for an activity can improve efficiency, production, and safety. The amount of light required to illuminate an activity or process varies depending on the application.

In order to provide a pleasant and comfortable workplace, the luminaire combination chosen should equally illuminate the working surface and adequately illuminate walls and ceilings in proportion to task illumination.
Increased directional lighting may be necessary in specific places to create a defined or more intimate environment.

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